Friday, June 22, 2018

BERNINA Q24 with Q-matic ! Wow !

This past March I attended the Original Sewing and Craft Expo in Atlanta.  There were numerous long arm quilting machines on display for testing down in the vending hall. I played with this machine for three whole days.  The Bernina Q24 with Q Matic automation was captivating!  Needless to say, when I flew back home I ordered the Q24 on a  12 foot frame with the computer automation from a certified dealer.  It took 3 men an entire day to set up this operation. I had no idea how involved it would be.  The software was loaded on the computer before they arrived with all these parts.  I can truly appreciate why you need a certified dealer.  Service is extremely  important.

Several of my friends were startled by this purchase because I am primarily a garment person.  Well, I think I better get sewing a few quilts.  This is a whole new adventure with the automation.

Stitch quality is outrageously important to me. (That's why I love Bernina)  I must say, the stitch quality is just beautiful !  The stitch regulator keeps the stitch size consistent.  The free motion work is so easy.  (This is really wonderful if your hands have arthritis etc.) There are tons of designs included with the software.  The computerized automation is just fantastic. Wow, wow, wow.  If you want to add more designs or create designs the Art & Stitch program allows for even more creativity.  Technology is amazing. 

I just finished the quilt top. This design is from Lunch Box Quilts.  I'll have this up on the quilt frame pretty soon. This dinosaur quilt top is for a very special 3 year old.  It will be finished before he goes to college thanks to automation.

This is my Pineapple quilt.  I added an extra row to make the quilt longer.  I intend on adding borders to make it larger .  I haven't sewn a quilt in 10 years.  I'm making progress.  Please pass on helpful tips! 

Done !     The Edge to Edge quilting on the frame is sooo much fun!   I can't imagine going back to quilting free motion with a standard sewing machine.  It's so much harder to push a large quilt through the machine bed. 

For an outdoor shot I decided to hang it from the gutter on the house !  I plan on placing this quilt on top of our queen size bed as a topper.